3x64 on the Game Developers Session in Prague

After the great experience from the Poznań Game Arena, we've decided to introduce the game on Indie Game Expo during the Game Developers Session, which takes place in Prague in our home country - Czech Republic.

Same as at Poznań Game Arena, we have wooden rewards for every player who proves their skills and reaches 400 points or more! We also plan to reveal the first playable demo of the Android version as we want to collect very important feedback before going further in the development.

Wooden blocks and Android version

Wooden blocks and Android version

We will be very glad to see you here, so if you are going to Game Developers Session, don't forget to try and win one of our wooden blocks at Indie Game Expo! Our stand will be up both 29th and 30th November 2019 :)


Linux_1.11 31 MB
Nov 19, 2019
Windows_1.11 32 MB
Nov 19, 2019

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