Anniversary Update 1.3 - One year of 3x64!

This month it will be a year since the release of the first version of 3x64. A lot has happened since then and the game has gone through two major updates and two successful events (one of which was a community event). We also gained a lot of experience with our first game on and Steam, and now it's time to introduce another major update so you can celebrate with us!

The anniversary update mainly focuses on two things - new gameplay features (ingame quests) and improvements to the technical side of the game, including the most requested features like support for gamepads, cloud profiles and UI improvements.

But there is a lot of news, so let's go through them one by one:

Ingame quests and ranks

The ingame quests present a new challenge for both new, and returning players who already know the game mechanics well. During the game you can complete these quests by using powerups, collecting points, destroying threat blocks and more. For players who like real challenges, we have prepared unique daily quests for extra points!

This feature also comes with ranks, where each player can progress and gain higher ranks by completing quests. Your current rank is visible in the new leaderboard menu, so make sure it stands out above other players :)

Support for more input devices

With the implementation of the new input system we bring the long-promised support for various input devices! 3x64 is now fully compatible with all common gamepads and game devices. Better defining of custom keys is also included through the new controls menu.

Redesigned menu

The game menu has been completely redesigned. Now it comes with cleaner and faster theme and better categories. Explore the new graphics settings, rewards manager or improved leaderboards!

Many tweaks and fixes

We also found time to fix and improve a lot of bugs and features that have appeared throughout whole year since the release. Many UI elements are now higher quality to better support high resolutions. Also some particle effects were added or tweaked in accordance with the upcoming mobile version, and some serious bugs were fixed. You can see the complete changelog below the article :)

I hope you will enjoy all the new content we prepared! After one year of active development I'm finally satisfied with technical side of the game. This update was very important for the long-term support of the game, and I hope there will now be more time for another milestone that many of you are waiting for - mobile version of 3x64 :). It still needs some more time before the first beta version, but in the meantime, you certainly don't have to be bored in the PC version - we are preparing new content very soon, which you will definitely notice after a closer examination of the menu - and that's not the only thing you can look forward to :)

We will look forward to your ranks in the leaderboards and we'll be happy if you decide to share your feedback of the new update either here on itch or on our Discord server!

Full changelog

Major features:

  • New input system with support for all common game devices
  • Rank system and ingame quests + achievement „Unbreakable!“
  • Regular daily quests shared for all players (more challenging than local quests)
  • New redesigned menu (rewards manager, custom controls, resolution settings, better navigation, better leaderboards, better performance)
  • New menu theme „Modern“ (with replays in the background)
  • Cloud support (for player's statistics, highscores, rank and quests) - only for Steam version


  • Renamed „Color Block“ to „Magic Block“
  • Improved visual quality of ingame blocks
  • Damaged irons now have more variants
  • Powerups can now be obtained even if magic blocks were among destroyed active blocks
  • Better quality of multiplier text
  • Faster particle effects at higher levels of gravity (for a clearer game board)
  • Improved Anvil and Mega Anvil icons
  • Added effect after block landing and improved iron block landing effect
  • Decreased delay when new blocks are spawned by a threat
  • Added navigation controls for the game over screen
  • Game over screen is automatically faster now without pressing any key
  • Painted iron block is now counting into the stats as destroyed iron block
  • Better quality of ingame texts (powerups and leaderboard)
  • Particles after destroying Magic Block have random color now
  • Minor graphics tweaks
  • Better format of time in leaderboards


  • Fixed not destroying blocks after a threat activates invisible blocks
  • Fixed starting more negative effects from single threat block
  • Removed text from the volume buttons (Ingame)
  • Added missing sound when using Remove Line powerup
  • Added some missing polish texts and graphics
  • Fixed broken longest line in gameplay statistics
  • Fixed not translated "Use powerups" text and fixed wrong position (Polish language)

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