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About package

The package contains 280 prefabs (all with 3 LOD models) that are ready for many more combinations according your wishes.

All signs are inspired by european style (mostly Czech Republic), but with his own design - great for every fictional city at european style.

How to use

For Unity projects

If you're working in Unity - simply import the package to your project and start creating with ready to use prefabs! All prefabs have basic colliders and already set LOD groups and they are organized by standard categories for road signs. 

For non-Unity projects

You can simply import the assets manually, the models have ready to use material names according the all 4 texture atlas.

Signs are structured by categories to the single folders. Inside folders, there are also names for variants of the same sign - single (without stand) and small (smaller stand).

FBX models contains the basic models + 2 LOD variants inside.

Creating custom variants

Every sign exists in both variants - with and without metal stand, so you can combine almost all signs you need. Also you can use metal and concrete stands alone for preparing your own signs or combinations.


  • 141 types of road signs + single variants and also concrete stands for several signs
  • 3 texture atlas for signs (2x 2048x2048 and one 1024x1024), 1 texture for concrete stand (512x512)
  • Base model + 2 LODs (from cca 160 to 20 tris)
  • Customizable names and road numbers at several road signs (using TextMesh component with custom shader)


You can explore a few of road sign types on Sketchfab :)


Buy Now$6.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $6 USD. You will get access to the following files:

EuropeanRoadSigns.unitypackage 15 MB
European Road Signs (Standalone).zip 13 MB

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